Modern websites tell a story beautifully on all devices.

Everyone has an iPhone or Android smartphone. Customers have more options and are more demanding than ever before. All these factors make it critical that your website delivers a compelling story in a format that is tailored for each device type.

Scrolling Gives You Space To Tell Your Story

When the Apple Watch launched, Apple used large, beautiful imagery, powerful headlines and short paragraphs to tell a compelling story.

Your website will also use this technique to effectively tell your story.

Mobile ready design will rearrange itself to look great on smartphones.

Your website will change it's size and layout to display itself in the best possible way based on the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

Responsive Web Design
Search Engines

Clean Website Code Means Higher Rankings on Search Engine

Google, Yahoo and Bing recommend specific ways that they want website code to be written.

We follow their recommended best practices to the letter to give you the best chance as showing up high on their search results.

WordPress Allows You To Update Content Easily

WordPress is a system that will let you edit your content in an interface that looks like Microsoft Word.

Your website will be powered by WordPress so you can update your content whenever the inspiration strikes or the need arises.

WordPress Content Manager

Managed Hosting To Keep Your Website Running Fast & Safe

We'll add your website to a content delivery network, scan your website daily for signs of hacking, keep a backup for last 7 days & implement SSL on your website.

Pricing & Sign Up

Stacked Billboards

Website home page uses a modern, long format home page to tell your compelling story.


** Not created or designed by Eganza.
More by Eganza coming very soon.

$2999 + $29/month

Single Billboard

Website home page uses a traditional single billboard layout with interest areas below.


$499 + $29/month